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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  December 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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bernar as we do in other high-profile events. i'll now have dave goutage, the assistant director of the fbi say a few words. >> thank you, sheriff. the fbi is here with our state and local partners, as well as our partners from the atf. we are here to essentially treat assure that all the wounded are extracted. and ultimately public safety is the number one goal at this point and we will work as law enforcement community to insure that we have done everything we can in our power to find, locate and apprehend the subjects. at this point i know one of your questions is going to be is this a terrorist incident? i will tell you right now, we do not know if this is a terrorist incident. so we start from the beginning. working with all our local partners. we take the presumption that it may be, it may not be, but we will work hand in hand with them from the beginning. if things change, we're here from the get-go and there is no
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proceeds. at this point i'm going to turn it back over to the chief. >> so very quickly, after the initial response, we, we have several hundred people that were in the building that are not injured. those people have been taken to the safe location and they are part of the investigation. in addition to that, we know that this was a human incident, and this is a tragedy and we've got folks concerned and worried about their loved ones and they've been at that facility today. we set up an area at the hernando center for family members to go for information. we will push information out to that for those family members as we can. also, the sheriffs department put out the crime tip hotline number. if anybody has information, we'd very much like to hear from you. with that i will take a couple of questions.
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>> i've heard everything that it was a meeting to potential like holidays. that's not confirmed, that is very preliminary. it's my understanding that most of the people that were wounded, most of the victims were all centrally located in one area of the facility. >> any weapons, anything like that recovered? >> it's my understanding that the facility has state and county employees, as well as folks that work for a number of the inland regional center serves a number of organizations that treat mental illness type issues and that sort of stuff. i don't have any idea, i know that state and local county employees work there. i do not know if any of them are the victims or who they are at this point. [ inaudible ] >> i do not have any information that any children were involved. >>
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[ inaudible ] >> preliminary information shows that these people came prepared. they were armed with long guns, not handguns. i do not know what type of long guns. >> we do not have any weapons recovered at this point. >> what were they wearing? >> sorry. >> chief -- ask for clarification. you said upwards of 14 dead? >> the preliminary number we have right now is there are 14 people that are deceased and our count is another 14 teampeople that have been take ton various hospitals for significant injuries, potentially related to gunshots, we have a number of other people that may have had some minor types of injuries, fleeing. but roughly about 14 people that
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>> we're not that far in the investigation yet. [ inaudible ] >> nuts and bolts? >> i think the whole thing -- >> is there the possibility that there are more people wounded inside? >> i think that that could be a possibility, yeah. i don't think we're comfortable saying no at this point. [ inaudible ] >> the teams were going through and searching for the suspects and searching for victims, there were some things in the building that were not immediately identifiable. that caused some concern. as a result of that we have some bomb techs that are on site. that are checking some of that out. i do not know if they were brought in by the suspects. we do not know if they are bombs, but just things as our team was moving through, saying they need to be looked at more closely. >> have they taken anything
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that. >> have you found any vehicles you believe are related? >> not that i know of at this point. >> have witnesses said the gunmen said anything? >> we don't have anything specific from those witnesses. we're in the early stages of talking to them. >> this is the only active scene that we're working. >> what about security tapes that may have been shot? >> that is part of the investigation, i don't have that at this point. >> can you talk about the suspects' this vehicle, the dark suv? >> it's all we have. very generic, upwards of three suspects, darker suv. >> suspects wearing camouflage? >> i never heard camouflage. >> what were they wearing? >> upwards of three? there could be more than three? >> i repeatedly been told the number is three. but keep in mind that this is information that is flowing in as people are talking to witnesses very quickly. as we put everything together some of this may change. we know these are fluid situations and some of the
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change a bit in the future. >> any description about the suspects? >> as far as people in the area, we're doing everything we can to keep this area safe. we're addressing other facilities in the area that we think may be similar or may be similar. but we don't have any information or any credible threats to any other facilities at this point. but obviously we're all on a heightened sense of alert. we would ask the public that they be on a heightened sense of alert if they're watching out for those things and if they come across information. contact us and let us investigate it. >> i put out what i have. >> the gunmen wearing mask? >> one report i heard is that masks were involved. i don't know that to be definitive at this point. [ inaudible ] >> yes. not going to talk about it. >> did the gunmen say anything at all during the attack, during the shooting? >> not that i'm aware of. >> any sort of threats made prior to this incident? >> that's part of the investigation, we're not going
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right now. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] it appears the signal has dropped out. history tells me it will come right back. the highlights today. or low-lights for that matter. 14 people shot and killed. 14 more people severely injured. believed to be gunshot-related. upwards of three people, whatever that means, the number he said he had been hearing most often was three. three people apparently escaped. in a dark suv. our signal is back. listen. >> high-caliber weapons, they carry assault rifles with them. most of the officers carry handguns.
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went in with what they had. we do not know where the suspects are. >> how is the fbi getting involved in this? and if there's a representative, maybe they want to talk in detail. >> we know historically that some of these investigations can turn into potential federal prosecutions. so at this point we don't know that to be the case. it's better to have them on scene from the very beginning so they know what we know and they are an active part of the investigation. ed that in addition to that, being from the federal government they bring to the table tremendous resources to help us do our job. we have no information at this point to indicate that this is terrorist-related, in the traditional sense that people may be thinking. obviously at a minimum we have a domestic terrorist type situation that occurred here. >> the only thing i'm
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is that the information we have is that they came prepared to do what they did. as if they were on a mission. >> how long were they inside shooting? >> i don't know specifically. several minutes. >> were the gunmen still there when the police arrived? when the initial responding officers arrived? >> our police officers have not engaged or exchanged gunfire with anybody. so we don't know if they were on scene when we arrived. >> >> were the vast majority of the people hurt or dead in one portion of the facility? >> yes, did the gunmen target a particular area of the building. >> we early in the investigation for that. >> were people tied up, held in a room? or was this just a shoot-out? >> we don't have any information that they took any hostages. whether what type of weapons -- [ inaudible ] >> long guns is what i've been
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think there's people that speculate what type of long guns those are. but i'm only, i don't want to put out a specific type of gun. i'm going to say it was a long gun, not a handgun. >> they came in with a purpose. they came in with the intent to do something. >> was there any threat made prior to the incident. >> i don't have specifics on that. with that we're going to cut this off. we will be back every hour on the hour to provide an update. even if we don't -- >> there you go. the news as we have it, it is grim. 14 people dead, 14 more people injured and in hospitals and now the word that they believe three suspects have escaped. and it makes sense that the
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who told us initially that >> mark: playing a split shooting in california and our >> mark: mass shooting in california and our coverage continues right now. gunmen wag wearing maskings storm into a social service facility. some texting loved ones, pray for us. tonight, nears an ongoing manhunt to find one to three shooters and there's a massive triage operation to save the lives of the victims. this is a terrifying ordeal happening in sanitizer burned, -- in san bernardino, california. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. it's unclear who was responsible or if this was a terror attack. this is all happening as mark said in san bernardino, california, at a facility called the inland regional center. fox 25's heather hegedus is following the latest developments for us from our control room. >> the reporter: in that news conference, police just said, as you said, as many as 14 are dead, 14 of them hurt, some seriously, they did say at this
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terrorism attack, they don't have any information leading them to believe this, but this all started around 11:00 a.m. west coast time. the inland regional center, where this all happened is a nonprofit center that works with people who have developmental disabilities. the shooting happened in a conference room that they rent out, and the center says it was being rented out to the local health department when that shooter or shooters entered. reports they were wearing some sort of body armor or military gear, and as we just got confirmed this that news conference, they were carrying long rifles. a fire alarm was pulled out. workers evacuated, but then they were told to go back inside and shelter and lock offices. take a look at this dramatic video, showing survivors leaving the scene with their hands in the air. several hundreds of people were in that building, that we know of, who were not hurt as well. now, we also know the loma linda university medical center has already received four patients, they are expecting three more. no word on their conditions. let take a look at ground video from san bernardino, where you can see police on the scene
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investigating. right now, they are searching for at least one male suspect, possibly more, who may have left the scene in a black s.u.v., wearing some sort of military armor. moments ago, police spoke with the hunt for the suspects. take a listen. >> the reporter: the suspects have fled, potentially in a dark colored s.u.v. we do not have any identification on who those suspects are, we do not know what the motive is for the shooting at this point. >> at this point, no weapons or explosive devices have been found at the scene, but we learned in that news conference that there were some objects that were found in the building that couldn't immediately be accounted for, so they are checking the objects out. at the same time, president barack obama has been monitoring the situation, he's been brought up-to-date on the details, and he says there are steps the country can take to prevent these sort of mass shootings. we'll continue to monitor everything from washington to california for you and i'll have minutes. live in the control room, heather hegedus, fox 25 news. >> according to the inland
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the center employs 670 people, that provides services to people with developmental disabilities of allages and their families. now, those services range from counseling to early intervention services. >> vanessa: we are getting a lot of information and witness accounts coming in from the scene, as well as on social media. >> mark: fox 25's kerry kavanaugh continues our coverage with that part of the story. >> the reporter: the san bernardino fire department tweeted around 2:30 p.m. this afternoon they were responding to the mass shooting incident and we have been monitoring the reaction pouring into our newsroom ever since. we're hearing from a father who received a text from his daughter inside the inland regional center at the time of the shooting. another man who heard from his wife who described the horror she was seeing. >> someone had come in, started shooting, and they ran into an office and she's hiding with some other people. she's been hiding. >> the reporter: i imagine you should be really concerned right now? is this your daughter? >> yeah. >> the reporter: hiding in there. yeah. >> the reporter: what did she
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she sent you some texts. >> she did. >> the reporter: what did she say? >> that shooting at my work, people shot, in the office, waiting for cops. pray for us. she said the guy came in next to her office, and i guess started shooting. they locked themself in in her office. they seen bodies on the floor, and she said right now, ambulances are taking people out and in stretchers. >> >> vanessa: horrifying moments there. it another father told reporters his son texted him that alarms started going off inside the facility. as they got word of this shooting. again, this facility serves a vulnerable population in california. clients with several developmental disabilities, such
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people around the area reacting to this on social media. a trustee who was inside at the time said that he was outside awaiting police to evacuate them, to a safer area. someone at an amazon warehouse nearby says that they were on lockdown, stuck in the warehouse, as this all unfolded and then someone else nearby also on lockdown. please, please, pray for us, he tweeted, as this unfolded. we'll continue to monitor any new sound coming into the newsroom, anything new on social media, and bring it to you as soon as we get it. i'm kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. >> mark: joining us now, dan linski with the linski group, former deputy superintendent and chief of the boston police department and dan, you can talk about this type of training that goes in to responding to a situation just like this, you do it all the time. >> the reporter: mark, as a matter of fact, i did some training for these organizations in california, to prepare them for just this event and other events, as this one isolated incident or is this something that's going on and is going to be multiple attacks in the county or in the region. so they're well prepared, well equipped, you saw the chief at
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professionally, establishing a unified command, getting information out and letting people know he's in charge of the scene. tragic scene, but they will do their investigation and they will find out who is responsible for this.b[ >> this is still industry fluid, active scene we're told. clear the scene, inch by inch, building by building. this is a massive complex. >> the reporter: absolutely. they'll go in inch by inch, closet by closet, they'll search it three, four, five times until they are sure think haven't missed a victim and are sure they haven't missed a united states senate. at the same time, it's 2:00 p.m. west coast time. schools are getting out. the sheriff and the chief of san bernardino county have to have a critical infrastructure protection program in place. they've got to be and they told us they were sending officers to high profile places, worship, hospitals, where they're going to lock it down with extra security to make sure they protect those areas and institutions from another possible attack. >> mark: there's a lot of misinformation, i know you'll tell me that comes out in the
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this, because it's a chaotic moment. there's reports of a fire alarm pulled. mortar gets for shooters if they were the perpetrators who pulled the alarm, but we simply don't know that. >> we have to find out who pulled the alarm. if the shooters pulled the alarm, that's obviously concerning and then we have to get information out to other areas that if a fire alarm goes off, they have to make sure that it's an actual fire alarm and maybe not go to the usually rallying points or was is somebody inside the facility who was trying to get people away from the attack, they pulled the firearm as we saw in the navy yard in washington, d.c., which would -- which actually saved hundreds of lives and got them out of harm's way from the shooter. there is going to be mixed various false reports coming in. i know we've got a report of three shooters right now. the san bernardino police have witnesses to see exactly what they saw. are there ten witnesses describing the same shooter in different ways. someone is describing the pants, someone describing the shirt, someone describing their hair and we think we have three shooters or actual witnesses who saw three separate individuals
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that's what we need to narrow down and that's what they'll be doing in the investigation going forward. >> mark: it's also possible that they could have been members of law enforcement, the three individuals, one particular witness saw and they could have been moving to another location. >> it could have been that that law enforcement got a call that the shooter was on the other side of the build, three guys in a s.w.a.t. truck get in, that's all going to have to be vetted and that's what you need to do with the cases. you need to get the information and then double check it and then verify it and dig deeper into it to make sure it's true. we had many many incidents of false information come into us in the marathon bombing and you need to actually work that in to your program when you respond to this, that you're not believing the first reports. >> mark: a lot of people want to know motive. shooting took place in a conference center rented out about the i department of health, domestic, someone had an issue with the way someone was being treated at the facility or not being treated in their mind. >> if the reports are true it's three shooters, maybe it's a family that had an individual that didn't get the care they thought they deserved from this
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they've banded together to seek revenge. that's one possibility. we don't have three individuals, if that's the case, who are mutually mentally disturbed and doing something just on the ability that they've got a mental impairment and they're going to do something because they're hearing voices. that we can rule out. if it's not somebody who has a motivation for this, then we have to look at the terrorists aspect. isis, groups that hate us have encouraged people to go out and at a tack soft targets, a sporting event, a parade, a nursing home, a mall, we've seen our enemies call for these types of tactics. we don't know that that's the case here yet and the sheriff and chief are doing a great job, let's find out what we have before we make decisions. but it's certainly something that has to be considered which is why they brought the f.b.i. into the unified command, and right now, the sheriff of san bernardino -- i'm sorry, the chief of san bernardino chief is
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sheriff of the county and the f.b.i., atf and other regional assets are there. should it become a terrorist event, that will quickly change to an f.b.i. lead. can i tell you from watching the press conference, they are working this together, they will find the individual responsible and hold them accountable. >> mark: be on the lookout has been posted for the s.u.v. with potentially inside. a black s.u.v., potentially a yukon, we understand. surveillance video would be crucial in something like this to see if they could find anyone from the building there or surrounding buildings. scene? >> hopefully they have all the investigators from the entire region coming to help. they're pulling video from every gas station, every a.t.m., everything in the area that possibly could capture it. getting that video, downloading it. they have people, california has extensive cameras on their highway systems. they're looking to see if they can pull that data, san bernardino may or may not have license plate reader technology deployed in the city. if they do, they are going to every yukon that possibly went through the city today and tracking them down, having
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are, where they are and seeing if they can rule them in or rule them out. >> mark: by all accounts, this was a well planned attack? >> it looks like it was well planned. it looks like they had body armor, masks, this was not one and done. this was not some kid in a school who did something irrationally. there was anything into it. we have to wait to confirm that individuals saw actually three shooters, but if that's the case, there's a problem out there, this is either somebody who had a motivation against individuals or that organization, and this could be one and done, or we've got to be concerned that they're doing -- planning to do more attacks throughout the california area, because they've got a bigger motive. >> what steps should people in other cities be doing, members of law enforcement, in the wake of this tragedy, in san bernardino? >> the reporter: unfortunately, mark, we need to, as law enforcement officials throughout the country, whenever one of these events is going on, we have to go to our cities, look at our critical infrastructure and make sure we're sending officers out, sending information out, making sure
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we determine that this is just going to be confined to the california area, so if i'm commissioner evans, i'm making sure that my s.w.a.t. teams, eod dogs, we're going to be more visible tonight, extra officers on, we're going to be checking our sports centers, transportation hubs, along with the mbta police, along with the state police. we'll be doing high profile areas, if there's any christmas tree lightings. we'll just not overkill, but we're going to put more officers in the background, we'll be more visible and we're going to show people and have a presence to make people comfortable until we see exactly what we have for a situation. >> mark: mass shootings becoming all too commonplace and it appears that law enforcement will be there to help try and step up the efforts any way they can, whether it's in san bernardino or any other community in the united states. dan linski with the linski group. former deputy superintendent and chief of the boston police department. appreciate your insight as always. >> vanessa: just yesterday at this time the inland regional center was holding a holiday party. video condoleezza rice posted on the center's account and
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were planning to hold a winter dance for some of the people it serves this weekend. >> mark: president obama just spoke. >> vanessa: he said scenes like this happening way too often in the country. >> object obviously our hearts go out to the victims and the families. the one thing we know, we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country, that has no parallel anywhere else in the world. and there's some steps we could take, not to eliminate every one of these mass shootings, but to improve the odds that they don't happen as frequently. >> mark: notice congressman bill keating is on the homeland security committee. i spoke about the situation on the phone with him just a few minutes ago. >> the reporter: the federal authorities that are there, are atf and there is, i believe, the agent, f.b.i. agent in charge, but tip clip, this would be still in the -- under the leadership at this moment, the local s.w.a.t. teams, the municipal, and regional police,
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a command post, set up a perimeter, they'll go through the building, because if they had training, as they do at a lot of public buildings, there might be people sheltered in place that are still there, they want to make sure they're safe, they want to make sure there's no perpetrator left in the building, but they dr. certain out a bolo, which is be on the lookout, evidently, the reports of police, there have been multiple reports, talking about a black yukon, possibly, and potentially three people in it, so they're doing a lot of things all at once right now. law enforcement. and most important thing is, secure that scene, make sure the injured are getting treatment, make sure that anyone left in the building remains safe. at the same time, they're out there trying to gather information, they'll be taking witness statements that are important, long term, if there's a prosecution, short-term for the investigation, looking at
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cameras that might be in the area, try to access that, so this is all going on all at once at multiple levels and unfortunately, when you look at the s.w.a.t. teams and their training, there's been all too much of this right now. >> i was going to ask but that. there was a time, it seemed, when we didn't hear about mass shootings on what seems to be almost a weekly basis now. this is, my understanding, this is the 355th this year, more than one a day, and they define mass shootings as four or more people getting shot, so this is something that has become all too tragically common. it's the second today. >> anything that you're involved in -- savannah, georgia. >> mark: is there anything you're involved in? obviously, it's department of homeland security, you look at these an you're trying to decide whether this is an act of domestic terrorism or something on the international front. we don't know what the situation is here at hand, but clearly,
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in today's world. >> the reporter: yeah. there was no public announcements prior to this, and they've been looking at what they term, credible threats, but what's happened with encryption and other things, it's very hard to determine this, if indeed that's the direction this goes. but you know, quite often, if it is, you will hear in fairly short order, someone claiming responsibility, so that hasn't occurred yet either. so right now, i'm sure there's a manhunt, and they're trying to get people to safety. you know, what they do too, i don't know if it's a case here, but back home in massachusetts, when something like this happens, there's a reverse e911, and they keep the kids in local schools that are in the region until they feel that the area is safe, they make sure that they're locked down themself. they had way too much training to do all these things, too many
5:28 pm
is just another unending, it seems, number of tragedies this is occurring in. >> mark: i'll leave it at that. i'll appreciate your time this afternoon. >> vanessa: and this story is it still breaking, so we will continue to work our sources and monitor the latest or in the manhunt for the shooters. we've learned in just the past few minutes that 14 people are confirmed dead. 14 others are injured critically. at least three gunmen remain on the loose and at this point, it's unclear who is responsible. we will bring you any new information just as soon as it comes in, so be sure to stay with fox 25 here on the air, and on line at
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>> vanessa: updating breaking news now in california. there's been a mass shooting at a conference center newfound lake inland regional center in san bernardino. 14 people are dead and many others were hurt. >> mark: fox 25's heather hegedus is back now and heather, you have a new interview with the executive director of that center. >> the reporter: that in just a minute, mark, but first to bring you up to speed, just within the past 30 minutes, police confirmed as many as 14 dead, 14 others hurt, some of them seriously. this all starting around 11:00 a.m. west coast time. i want you to take a look at the dramatic video that shows survivors leaving the scene there, with their hands in the air. now we can tell you that the inland regional center is a nonprofit, that works with people who have developmental disabilities. as you mentioned, this shooting happened in a conference room which the center says was being rented out to the local health department at the time.
5:32 pm
shooter or shooters were wearing body armor or military gear and carrying long rifles. a fire alarm was pulled, and workers were evacuated, but then they were told, get back inside and shelter in locked offices. several hundred people were working in that building at the time, who were not hurt fortunately. now we also know the loma linda university medical center has received four patients so far. they are expecting three more. right now, no word on how they're doing. we do have ground video as well from san bernardino, where you can see police on the scene, still actively searching for at least one male suspect, who may have left the scene, possibly more. they may have left the scene in a black s.u.v. now, moments ago, police spoke about the hunts for the suspect. >> what we have so far is information up to three people had entered the building and had opened fire on people inside of the building.
5:33 pm
numbers of upwards of 14 people that are dead and upwards of 14 people that are injured. preliminary information indicates that these are people that came prepared, that they were -- they were dressed and equipped in a way to indicate that they were prepared, and they had -- they were armed with long guns, not handguns. they came in with a purpose. they came in with the intent to do something. >> vanessa: came in with a purpose is what the police chief said. now, from washington, president obama has been monitoring the situation and he has been brought up-to-date on the very latest details of this shooting. the white house says he was briefed by his homeland security adviser, and has been asked to be kept informed as the situation develops. now we are expecting to hear from police in san bernardino again within the next half-hour. we will of course, bring that to you live as soon as that happens. for now, live in the control room, heather hegedus, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: we continue to gather reaction from witnesses on the ground and from social media. >> mark: fox 25's kerry kavanaugh following this part of the story and kerry, horrifying
5:34 pm
loved ones inside. >> the reporter: goes without saying. the family members receiving phone calls and text messages from loved ones inside, we're hearing also from more people who were nearby. when the shooting broke out, just after 2:00 p.m. a father told reporters his son heard alarms going inside going off as they got word the shooting was taking place. again, this is a large facility serving a vulnerable population in california. people with a range of developmental disabilities. we spoke -- we heard rather from a man and woman who described the sound of gunshots all around them. >> i was going home, i was racing over to go to the bus, it was going up, and i turned on from xvx, and boom boom boom, and she was playing and all of a sudden, boom, it just -- it was right here. >> boom boom boom. loose. >> i was right behind the building and heard the shots. i started walking down by the outback, and people out there, they heard, so i don't know what's going on here. >> the reporter: san bernardino law enforcement officials as you just heard moments ago, saying
5:35 pm
believe the shooter is using some type of long guns, but wouldn't get into any type of specifics, so we're going to continue to gather information, info and sound from people from the scene who were there and of course, we are waiting from word and more details about the victims inside. live in the newsroom, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: we are starting to hear from presidential candidates about today's shooting. >> let's talk about that right now, because we had a number of them out on the campaign trail, of course. republican donald trump tweeting this just a short time ago. california shooting looks very bad. good luck to law enforcement and god bless. this is when our police are so appreciate it had. >> vanessa: democrat hillary clinton saying i refuse to accept this as normal. we must take action to stop gun violence now. >> republican ben carson writes my thoughts and prayers are with the shooting victims and families in san bernardino. >> vanessa: we will continue to work our sources and monitor the latest on the manhunt for those shooters. we've learned in the past few minutes that 14 people are dead, 14 others are injured, at least three gunmen remain on the loose. at this point again, it is
5:36 pm
will bring you any new information just as soon as it comes in. be sure to stay with fox 25 here on the air and on line at as the story continues to develop. >> we do want to get to some other breaking news tonight. police make an arrest in the stabbing of an everett high school football player. a former student at everett high under arrest and appearing before a judge in the past few hours. eric rasmussen was in court for that arraignments. >> the reporter: in the last couple of hours, we got our hands on the arrest report from the clerk around the corner. it reveals that the victim in this case picked the suspect, 19-year-old out of the photo lineup. it also says when officers went to mercia's apartment today, they found a large knife. >> anything you have want to say? >> fox 25 was there as officers escorted garcia out of the police van and into the maldin courthouse where he sat behind a partition out of view.
5:37 pm
>> investigators now say mercia is the one who pulled the knife on a high school student stabbed him in the hand and back walking home from a halloween party. >> it was my friend. >> the reporter: we spoke to fox 25 about the attacks last month. only in the last few days, police say they identified mercia has a possible suspect and arrested him late this morning. >> that's great. finally. >> the reporter: everett high school students welcomed the news of an arrest as class led out this afternoon. >> it's unfortunate that it happened obviously, but it's good that they finally caught the guy and justice should be served. >> the reporter: now, according to the report, we received, it does indicate that mercia was a student at everett high school at the time of the stabbing. but has as i understand dropped out. it doesn't appear that they knew each other. mercia's injuries took a number of surgery to recover and for
5:38 pm
guilty, being held on no became. >> vanessa: now we want to get to the other big story. live storm tracker radar lit up for the second night in a row as the heavy rain moves through the area. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, he's tracking the rain and the fog that's out there. >> kevin: there is dense fog, especially southeastern massachusetts to go along with that rain, vanessa and some of the heaviest rain is to the southwest of boston. there's dedham, fox 25 headquarters are and you can see the yellow showing up on live doppler radar, right in here from dedham and west roxbury and hyde park areas. that takes you through business streets, right along the vfw parkway, la grand street, also seeing heavy rain at the moment. there's more too. out to worcester county, it's more spotty, not quite as heavy, lighter situation, but southern new hampshire seeing heavy rain in here too, goffstown and milford, you can see all the yellow and orange showing up in this area too. new boston to bedford, over to planterville getting that. off to the south in massachusetts, this is where the
5:39 pm
it's not the heaviest rain, lighter rain happening on the south shore, cape cod and the islands. there is more rain to our west. the next heavier batch, looks like it want to skirt by to the north of us, and behind this whole system, it gets cold. look at the snow flying. it's not all lake-effect snow. this is flying into indiana and this swirl in the atmosphere is going to pass through us tomorrow, with a couple flurries, and with that colder hair. in a few minutes, i'll have a timeline on when you can expect all of this to come to an end and when the sunshine will return. >> mark: we continue to follow the breaking news from california. 14 people are dead, 14 others are seriously injured after a mass shooting in san bernardino. three gunmen remain on the lease. at this point it's unclear who is responsible.
5:40 pm
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>> mark: we continue to follow breaking news from california. 14 people are dead, 14 others are injured. after a mass shooting in san bernardino. >> vanessa: at least three gunmen remain on the loose tonight. at this point, it's unclear who is responsible. we'll continue to follow it story and bring you any new information just as soon as we get it. >> we are understanding that there will be another news conference coming up at the top of the hour as well. we do want to get to some other news of the day though, including this story. a hockey player collapses on the ice. >> vanessa: he only survived because of how his friends and teammates responded. blair miller was in concord tonight to show us what saved him. >> the reporter: vanessa, this played out right here behind me on this hockey rink where the
5:43 pm
it's this device right here that made the real difference saving that man's life. what started as a fun pickup game of hockey here on the ice in concord, quickly turned into something serious. >> a couple of people in the >> the reporter: dawn works at recalls people rushing to help one of the players, who had collapsed inside locker room 6. it was this team of guys, some of them tell fox 25, their 59-year-old teammate collapsed after playing on the ice and had gone into cardiac arrest. none of them had medical training. one of those friends reached for this. an automated external defibrillator, or aed and within minutes, it helped save the man, gig him a pulse. >> to have that, to save his life, before we could get to the ambulance or fire department to get here, really means a lot. >> the reporter: they've had the aed for years, yet, this is the first time it's ever been used. bill whalen with the concord
5:44 pm
first rescuers to arrive on the scene as the man was having the heart attack. he said the aed made all of the difference. >> you only have seconds, not minutes, to avoid brain damage. >> the reporter: and he says, it's a good reminder for other public places to have aed's, something he's trying to make happen with the statewide initiative to increase the number of life saving devices. >> the reporter: our hope is that all public places have defibrillators and proper cpr training. >> it makes that big of a difference. >> it makes a huge difference. >> the reporter: it certainly made a big difference here as we showed you more live pictures inside the rink. in fact, i spoke with that man a few minutes ago before we came on air here. he said he is very thankful for this, he is back home recovering, he even said he's looking forward to getting back out here on the ice. i also spoke with one of his friends, one of his teammates who was out here during all of this. we're editing that part of the interview, we'll have it for you tonight at 6:00 p.m. live in concord, blair miller, fox 25 news.
5:45 pm
coverage of the mass shooting in san bernardino where 14 people are confirmed dead, 14 others are injured, at least three
5:46 pm
>> mark: we continue to follow breaking news in california. 14 people are dead and many others are hurt in a mass shooting today the the shooting took place in a conference center at the inland regional center in san bernardino. >> vanessa: heather hegedus is back and you have an interview with a someone whose loved one worked in that building. >> the reporter: as many as three suspects remain on the run. within the past 40 minutes, they came in with a purpose. and the police chief confirming as many as 14 are dead, 14 others hurt, some of them seriously. the shooting happened at the inland regional center in san bernardino, a nonprofit center for people with developmental disabilities. this happened just before noon west coast time.
5:47 pm
these are images right here of police in there, actively looking for the shooters, we have also learned police are checking out some objects in the building, but the center couldn't immediately identify as theirs. fears they might be explosive devices. the police chief saying right now, there is no indication at this point that this was an act of terrorism, but they're unclear what the motive is. within the last hour, cnn spoke with the executive director of the center, who said the conference room inside the center where this happened was being rented out at the time to the county health department for a holiday party, when this all went down and we do have that sound bite, i believe, with a man whose son was in the building as this happened, actually, we're working to turn that around for you and we'll have that for you within the next few minutes, but we can tell you that the shooter or shooters were believed to be wearing military-style clothing, carrying long guns, believed to have left in a black s.u.v., so at this point, still no arrests, this is an all hands on deck situation for law enforcement, in that area.
5:48 pm
police in san bernardino again around 6:00 p.m., we have a team of producers and reporters monitoring this for you. i'll bring you the very latest as soon as we get more information. live in the control room, heather hegedus, fox 25 news. >> tonight, we are hearing from lawmakers as well on capitol hill. >> vanessa: jacqueline feld continues our coverage now from our d.c. bureau with that part of the story. >> the reporter: mark and vanessa, the president's homeland security adviser briefed him on the shooting in california, he has asked to be updated as the situation develops. a reporter was with -- he says there is a mass shooting that has no parallel throughout the world. we preached out to intelligence committees here on capitol hill, to see if they have been told about any possible links to terrorism. my contacts say lawmakers have not yet been briefed. local law enforcement in california say this does not appear to be an act of terrorism. now, presidential candidates took to twitter to denounce the shooting, hillary clinton tweeting, we must take action to
5:49 pm
bernie sanders says mass shootings are becoming an almost every day occurrence in this country, and it must stop. g.o.p. front-runner donald trump tweeted, the shooting looks very bad. this is with our police are so appreciated and massachusetts senator ed markey tweet willing, this has to earned, congress must take action to stop gun violence. reporting live in washington, jacqueline feld, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: and we will continue to monitor the latest on the manhunt for the shooters in san bernardino. right now, we know 14 people are dead, 14 others injured. at least three gunmen are still on the loose. at this point, it's unclear who is responsible. we'll bring you any new information just as soon as we get it. >> kevin: tonight, we're tracking plenty of rain out there. at least this time it's mild enough that i don't need to tell but ice, but i need to tell you about dense fog on the roadways, visibility down to very low especially in southeastern massachusetts, where the dense
5:50 pm
there's some heavy rain in and around the boston area, you'll find yellow and orange on live doppler radar and live storm tracker will bring you down to street level. obviously, this is downtown vernon street. we'll go in closer here and find some of this. the northern part of the city, there is three that comes on through, front street right there, fruit street rather. this is really some heavy rain that's coming through this part of the city, science park as well, and over in to cambridge. then there's also this heavy rain here, that's just to the northwest of the city of boston, coming right into the arlington area out of watertown. this is acorn park, seeing some of the heavy rain along route 2 that stretches on for you out of cambridge and moved off to the north more as you're watching it live on the air with me. storm tracker radar will tend to do that. moderate rains through cape ann, ipswich and newburyport. into worcester county, spotty and lighter. moderate shower from time to time.
5:51 pm
manchester to hooksett, southern to central new hampshire, lighter up towards concord, heavy rain just offshore of boston and quinn circumstances looking at it over the water, southeastern massachusetts, where your densest fog is but not your heaviest rain. last night, that's where the heaviest rain was. there's another batch of rain back here, circling off to the north and west of us, so we'll still see showers through tonight, but the heaviest rain may be over for many of you. back here, there's the swirl in the atmosphere, cold air with it, it's producing snow and you think wow, it's the great lakes, but look at there snow swirling around the back side of this, that has nothing to do with lake-effect, that's old fashioned snow coming on in to indiana. but there's a mix, rain and snow, we'll see some flurries tomorrow as the cold air comes blowing on in here from gusty winds, so through this evening, notice, the spottier rain through the evening hours, heavier rainshowers that come on through, but it's not going to be a wall of water coming on through anymore. here comes the cold air and
5:52 pm
the elevations, i brief there will be flurries in southern new england. the steadiest snow in northern new england. accumulations out of this. typical when you get the cold air to come blowing in like it will tomorrow to get snow flurries. 46 sudbury, concord, 47 in framingham. these high temperatures may be in the morning, and through the day, we'll probably see some cooling right into the afternoon. here's your seven-day forecast. temperatures dropping through the day tomorrow. with the windy conditions, and the few flurries that will be around. not going to get accumulating snow. don't be surprised to see flakes flying by on friday. more sunshine than clouds and totally sunny, saturday and sunday. your weekend is always in view and those temperatures moderating this weekend. after some cold mornings in the 20's, it will get brach up into the low 50's in and around boston, upper 40's out to the north and west of boston for saturday and sunday. so both days figure to be at or slightly above average for your weekend. cools off with more rain later on in the seven-day forecast. we'll keep tracking the showers
5:53 pm
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>> vanessa: we continue to follow breaking developments from california, where 14 people are dead, 14 others injured, after a mass shooting in san bernardino. at least three gunmen are till on the loose tonight. at this point, it's still unclear who is responsible. we do know that police say the gunman came in, they came prepared as if they were on a mission, an they came in with a purpose. >> also the massachusetts state police have issued a statement, regarding the shootings in san bernardino, they stay
5:55 pm
center, we continue to monitor developments intelligence related to the san bernardino, california shootings. at this point, information about the suspects and motive including whether there is a nexus to terrorism remains fluid and incomplete. as relevant, confirmed information becomes available, the fusion center will disseminate it to all massachusetts law enforcement agencies per our standard protocol so they may respond accord willing i. troopers operate with heightened awareness for any suspicious activity. likewise, we remind our citizens to call with they see anyone or anything out of place for their surroundings. our players are with the victims of today's horrific violence and our thoughts with the investigators and the people or persons tracking down the people responsible for this evil act. >> vanessa: this story breaking. as soon as we get any information, we will bring that to you. we will have complete coverage at the top of the hour as well as new information. also breaking right now, the
5:56 pm
to launch airstrikes against syria and the islamic state, choosing to move awe had with a 397-222 vote, after a request from france to bump up their military offensive against eye sends after the paris terror attacks. >> mark: 14 people are dead and at least 14 more are injured after a mass shooting in san bernardino, california, this afternoon. taking place actually at about 11:00 a.m. this morning pacific time and here's why people living anywhere near the area are being asked to lock their doors, stay inside. because right now, an all-out manhunt is unfolding in southern california for three gunmen. up to three gunmen. hi everyone, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. 14 people confirmed dead, 14 more are injured, some of them critical. police are looking for three men, up to three men, who opened
5:57 pm
investigators are working now to find a possible motive, and they tell us they're still trying to attack. >> mark: as mentioned, the mass shooting happened around 11:00 a.m. west coast time at san bernardino. the center is a social services facility used to help people with developmental disabilities. fox 25 is bringing you team coverage right now at 6:00 p.m. our kerry kavanaugh has new reaction from witnesses, but we begin with heather hegedus, with the very latest on the investigation. heather? >> the reporter: just within the past hour, mark, police say they do not have any reason to believe that this is terrorism, but they don't have a possible motive either. to recap, again, as many as 14 dead, 14 others hurt, some of them seriously. now, this all started around 11:00 a.m. west coast time and it continues to develop. now this dramatic video you're looking at shows survivors leaving the scene with their hands in the air. this all happened at the inland regional center, which is a nonprofit center, that works with people who have developmental disabilities. so unclear why this kind of an organization will be targeted.
5:58 pm
conference center, which the
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